Propolis Studies on Animals


propolis protection of oxidative stress of pancreas and liver

Propolis for wound healing in diabetics

Propolis protection against liver renal failurescientist

Propolis Treats herpes simplex 2

Propolis for MRSA

Propolis treats oral bacteria and can help prevent cavities

Propolis for chronic peridontitis

Propolis Improves diabetes

Propolis stimulates stem cells in dental roots and improves dentin production

 Propolis for allergic rhinitis – inhibits sneezing nose itching and the release of histamine

Propolis for stress induced anxietymouse-products

Propolis has protective influence on process of colon cancer and development of lesions

Propolis stimulates hair growth and is effective for acne, skin abrasions and burns

 Propolis for Psoriasis

 Propolis inhibits breast cancer cell growth (Links Below)


Tumor suppression in Breast Cancer


 Propolis has anti-influenza activity (Flu)


Propolis for chronic heart failure (Links below)




Radiation protection

Propolis effects process of colon cancer growth with oral or rectal application


Propolis for Gout

Propolis for Hair Growth


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