Psalms from the Hive

by Jeannie Saum

The cuties are gone

All grown up

Wearing their grown up girl feathers

And headdresses

Squawking big girl talkGrown Up Girl

Demanding treats!

Clover, Bee, and Revery

Reverie (revery) –(n.) state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing; a fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea


Well, the cuteness factor is officially gone from our chickens – the Golden Comet girls.  The chicks are nearly grown.   They no longer peep, but squawk and cluck.  They are starting to get their red combs and red around the eyes.  Their feet are yellow, lined and bumpy.  They do have beautiful red feathers and some are red and cream.  I wonder if they will stay mixed in color, or will that change, too.  But they will be even more beautiful in a month or so, when they start laying eggs!

We finally have the automatic door opener functioning, after a few glitches with the timer and the opener string.  It sure is nice not to have to get up early every morning to let the girls out!  We have a pickle bucket homemade feeder in the coop, so we don’t have to feed them every day.  But we still go out to see them every day and they EXPECT a treat!  Sometimes, we pull up a handful of chickweed from somewhere in the yard, or take kitchen scraps to them.  They start squawking and demanding the minute they see us coming!  Recently, our son and his wife gave us several bags of bread cleaned out of their freezer.  The chicks LOVE bread, but I read that it is very drying to their crop, so it need to be wet down with water or milk.  They can hardly wait while I crumble it up in their pan and add water!

They don’t seem to be using the pickle bucket with nipple waterers on it, hanging in the coop.  We keep an open pan of water in the yard for them, and they always seem so thirsty when they come out in the morning.  We may have to retrain them to use this.

Big Girls, now!

Big Girls, now!

And we do have chickens flying the coop.  They have learned to fly up to the top of the gate and then out.  Then they want back in and can’t figure out how!  They don’t go far, they know where they live and where their food is!

We found out, too, that we are in civil disobedience!  It never occurred to us to look into the rules for livestock out here in the country, in our township.  We just read in the local paper, that people with 1-5 acres can only have 16 hens, no rooster, no turkeys, no guinea fowl, no peafowl.  Oops!  We are 6 chickens over our limit.  Steve says if anyone comes out to complain, he’ll just wring the necks of 6…!  Our township IS amending the rules to allow people with less than an acre to have up to 5 hens – so that’s a good thing!

So,the cute little peeping chicks are gone, but soon we will have eggs – lots and lots of eggs!

Psalm 33

20 We wait in hope for the Lord;  he is our help and our shield.
21 In him our hearts rejoice,   for we trust in his holy name.
22 May your unfailing love be with us, Lord,  even as we put our hope in you.