Psalms from the Hive

by Jeannie Saum

Warm day, sunshine,

Not sure what to do at first!

Not sure what to do at first!

Time for chicks to play.

Get them outside,

Show them where they’ll stay.

Clover, Bee, and Revery

Reverie (revery) –(n.) state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing; a fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea


The weather is finally warm enough to take the chicks outside for a bit.  The coop isn’t quite done, but I want the chicks to experience the outside for the first time!  Bekah and I put them, one by one, into a big tub.  Then we put the tub in an old red wagon and pulled them down the walk to the backyard near the coop.

Steve had an old raised bed box that had not yet been moved, so I put building scraps around the sides of it to make a chickie playpen!  We put the chicks down in it, on the grass and weeds.  They were so funny to watch them have this new experience!

Starting to check things out.

Starting to check things out.

They discover the green stuff!

They discover the green stuff!

They were a little apprehensive at first and kind of all stayed together.  Then they got braver and started checking things out.

We stayed out for quite a while, enjoying chick antics in the playpen!

Love the fuzzy heads!

Love the fuzzy heads!

Doesn't she look curious?

Doesn’t she look curious?

 Psalm 36

5 Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens,    your faithfulness to the clouds.

Your righteousness is like the mountains of God;    your judgments are like the great deep;    man and beast you save, O Lord.

How precious is your steadfast love, O God!    The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings.
They feast on the abundance of your house,  and you give them drink from the river of your delights.
For with you is the fountain of life;  in your light do we see light.