Psalms from the Hive 

by Jeannie Saum

 Bees are too amazing.

Those perfect little cells

Each one like the others

A perfect hexagon.

How do they do that?

Only God knows.

Tiny architects

Building His creation

One cell at a time.

Clover, Bee and Revery

Reverie (revery) –(n.) state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing; a fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea.

Friends Pete and Laurie called a few days ago and asked Steve if he wanted to go to a Central Ohio Beekeeping Association (COBA) meeting.  Since this included a stop afterwards for dinner out, I decided I had to go along, but not to get involved in beekeeping, of course.  So last evening, I packed up my school bag with papers to grade on the 40 minute drive to the opposite side of the county, and went along.

This meeting of COBA,  held in a building near the “Bee Yard “ at The Ohio State University was actually a work meeting to assemble hive boxes and  frames for the coming spring’s new hives in the “Bee Yard”.  COBA, in affiliation with OSU, runs a beekeeper training program and cares for the hives in the OSU Bee Yard, as teaching and research tools.building box

That evening, we helped put together hive boxes together with glue, hammer and nails, while rubbing arms with seasoned and expert bee keepers.   I couldn’t help myself: I started listening to their conversations about how hives were doing, how one woman was raising queens, and the pros and cons of wrapping the hive for winter.  And gee, it was kind of interesting.

We moved on to assembling frames with staples and inserting the wax foundation.  I found myself asking questions…, uh, oh!  I was getting way too interested.building frame

After and few hours of work and hobnobbing, we finished the inside work for the night.  A trip to the bee yard was out of the question since it was pouring rain!  Instead, we headed for dinner – what I really came for – at a favorite Asian restaurant of Pete’s and Laurie’s.  Dinner conversation consisted of more beekeeping information from Pete and Laurie.  I was getting dangerously close to involvement in this whole bee reverie of my husband’s, but still resisting!

 Psalm 65

 8 The whole world stands in awe of the great things that you have done. Your deeds bring shouts of joy from one end of the earth to the other.

9 You show your care for the land by sending rain; you make it rich and fertile. You fill the streams with water; you provide the earth with crops. This is how you do it:

10 you send abundant rain on the plowed fields and soak them with water; you soften the soil with showers and cause the young plants to grow.

11 What a rich harvest your goodness provides! Wherever you go there is plenty.

12 The pastures are filled with flocks; the hillsides are full of joy.

13 The fields are covered with sheep; the valleys are full of wheat. Everything shouts and sings for joy.